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Ron and Jerry's White Trash Boil all started with two friends on a quest to create the perfect "first batch"
of Crawfish.

Jerry Kitchens, M.D. is a Birmingham Surgeon who has been knighted an Honorary Cajun for his love of Louisiana history, food, fishing, duck hunting and the joy of life that seems to be the drive behind all things Cajun. With a last name like Kitchens, you know the boy can cook. Ron says Jerry's wife, Tricia, makes the best Gumbo he has ever tasted. That's a BIG complement knowing Ron's background.

Ron Williams was born in Baton Rouge and literally raised in the kitchen of an award winning restaurant, The Front Porch. The Front Porch was voted #1 restaurant in the Great State of Louisiana in 1979-80 by the Louisiana Tourist Commission. His father was the inventor of the Cajun Injector and an excellent teacher of the fine art of Louisiana cooking. Ron loves to cook for family and friends and is looking forward to continuing his Cajun spice legacy.

Jerry laid down a challenge to produce that "just right" spice and with smiles on their faces and beers in hand they thought, that's gonna be a lot of crawfish to eat and beer to drink to get dat right... Awesome!

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